The alarm was raised before 9 this morning. Photo: Lars-Gunnar Olsson/Sveriges Radio.

Fire at hospital in central Karlstad

Four wards with more than 60 patients were evacuated when a major fire broke out at the Central Hospital in Karlstad at half past eight, Thursday morning. Two construction workers who were trying to extinguish the fire were taken to the nearby emergency ward for a check-up after breathing in smoke.

The fire was in a new part of the hospital that is being built. A huge black column of smoke rose into the sky, reports news agency TT.

"There was insulation, foam, which had caught fire for some reason. It is very flammable and energy-rich material and a fire in it becomes incredibly intense, hence the huge column of smoke," says Lars Wendel, Director of Communications at the emergency services in the Karlstad region,to TT.

After just over an hour, the fire was extinguished. It had not spread to the hospital. The evacuation of the four wards was done as a precaution.

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