Grännaskolan is offering upto 70 places for pupils from scandal hit Lundsberg school.Photo:Scanpix
plenty of room

Top boarding school offers to take Lundsberg pupils

One of Sweden's two remaining boarding schools says it has plenty of room to take in 60 to 70 pupils from fellow elite school, Lundsberg, which was shutdown on Wednesday due to ritual bullying.

Grennaskolan headteacher Mats Almlöv says they have already received into from parents of twenty Lundsberg pupils, and can house children from Sunday.

"Many are shocked over what has happened. It came like a cold shower.We are doing what we can to facilitate a transfer for those who are interested in Grennaskolan," says Mats Almlöw to tabloid Aftonbladet.


"Then, of course, it has to be consistent with the curriculum, class size, etc. We give priority to applications from foreign Swedish pupils in the first place because that is our boarding school objective," headteacher Mats Almlöv tells aftonbladet. He can offer up to 70 places.

An information meeting for pupils and parents who are interested will be held at Grennaskolan school at 1 pm on Friday morning.

Grennaskolan has early received criticism from the schools inspectorate.

"We had a bullying case, about two years ago. We did wrong and paid compensation. We have done everything we can since then," says Mats Almlöv.

Lundsberg school has two hundred pupils. The national schools inspectorate made the decision to close it down for an indefinate period for in its view, failing to stop ritualised bullying among pupils.

Two new pupils were burnt by an iron as part of a hazing ritual at the weekend.  

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