Lundsberg school appeals closure ruling

The board of governors of Lundsberg school, which was closed on Wednesday by the Swedish Schools Inspectorate because of repeated bullying and violent initiation rituals, has turned to the courts to overturn the decision.

The board made its appeal Friday as the school stands empty. 

"The decision leaves all of these young people high and dry in a way that is completely incomprehensible. There is no question of how one should be and act towards another as a good human being, but this is not at all commensurate with what has happened," says Lundsberg director Sofia Orre to news agency TT.

The appeal will be reviewed by the Adminstrative Court in Gothenburg, which expects a statement early next week. Several parents of pupils at the school have also reported the schools inspectorate to the Justice Ombudsman.

In a press release, the board writes that the 170 pupils want to continue their education at Lundsberg and the school does not share the view of the inspectorate that the pupils safety cannot be guaranteed.

Sweden has three national, fee paying boarding schools. Lundsberg is the oldest, founded in 1896.

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