Researcher Anna Niska. Photo: Lana Brunell/Sveriges Radio

How dangerous is biking with headphones on?

Researchers for the first time in Sweden are investigating what effects using headphones might have on cyclists in traffic, Swedish Radio News reports.

To date, there are no statistics showing that biking with headphones would be a traffic hazard, but that may be because accident reports do not list whether or not the rider was wearing headphones or listening to music, says Anna Niska, a researcher at Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute in Linköping.

"It's quite clear that you are distracted by having sound in your ears, so intuitively it feels that it should have an impact. But how important it is and how many accidents are caused by this, we do not know today," she tells Swedish Radio's local channel in Göteborg.

Niska said the institute will have cyclists wear headphones and use mobile phones while pedalling down a set course and examine whether or not the bikers are distracted by the devices.

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