Masked berry pickers stopped by police

A band of mosquitoe wary berry pickers outside Ånge in northern Sweden became a police matter on Monday evening because they were wearing masks, reports news agency TT.

Police received a call from a concerned member of the public at 8 P.M. warning them that there were two cars with around ten people wearing masks along the E14. .

Two police cruisers were sent from Sundsvall to investigate. However, after a stop and search, there was a natural explanation for the masks.

In the cars were a number of berry pickers who had covered their faces to protect themselves against mosquitoes.

"There was no reason to distrust them even if we do not have so many mosquitoes now. It is not uncommon for berry pickers to wear masks to avoid mosquitoes," says Markus Holmberg, duty officer at the police in Västernorrland to TT.

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