Göran Lindbergh, a professor of chemical engineering at KTH, will show US President Barack Obama research into fuels cells. Photo: Johan Bergendorff / Sveriges Radio

KTH to showcase research for Obama

In addition to talks with his Swedish and Nordic counterparts, US President Barack Obama is expected to visit Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Wednesday evening to learn about the university's research on renewable energy.

The president's visit is expected to last just 30 minutes but will focus on KTH's work on renewable energy such as high-efficiency solar cells, energy-efficient "smart homes" and harnessing waves as an power source, according to a statement from KTH.

"He is of course very welcome," Obama's host and KTH President Peter Gudmundson wrote on the university's website. "This is a positive signal about KTH's international status, and that we conduct research at the cutting edge, which we are very proud of."

While on campus Obama will learn more on KTH's work on fuel cells that run on hydrogen or liquid fuels, like methanol, and chemically convert them into electricity, Swedish Radio News reported.

When asked by news agency TT what Obama could learn from Sweden during his visit, Prime Minister Fredrick Reinfeldt answered, "Being able to grow as an economy but to be inclusive and do it in a sustainable way."

Aside from visiting KTH, Obama's first visit to Sweden includes bilateral talks with Reinfeldt at Sweden's government offices, Rosenbad, and a trip to the Great Synagogue of Stockholm to honour Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who helped save Jews from the Holocaust.

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