Obama wraps up Stockholm visit

US President Barack Obama will wrap up his two-day visit to Stockholm following a brief meeting Thursday morning with King Carl XVI Gustaf.

Obama arrived on Wednesday for his first official visit to Sweden to hold bilateral talks with his Swedish counterpart Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. The pair hosted a joint news conference where Obama again called for action against Syria and called Sweden one of the "closest partners" of the United States.

In addition to government talks, Obama also paid a visit to Stockholm's Grand Synagogue to honor Swedish diplomat and Holocaust hero Raoul Wallenberg and then met with Reinfeldt and the four leaders from the Nordic nations over dinner. The group later issued a statement covering issues such as climate change Global development and the Middle East. Noticeably absent was any reference to the controversial American internet surveillance programs.

"Working together, we have a historic opportunity to make progress on issues of global significance, and we remain steadfast in our dedication to the pursuit of these goals," the statement read.

After leaving from Arlanda about 10:30 am, Obama then heads to St. Petersburg, Russia, for the opening of the G20 summit of nations.

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