Tobias Billström. Photo: Scanpix

New rules proposed for labour immigration

The Swedish centre-right government has reached a deal with the opposition Green Party, which could mean tighter rules regulating labour immigration, according to news agency TT.

The government and the Greens introduced a new system relaxing the rules allowing companies to bring in workers from abroad several years ago, but there has been criticism of the reform.

Foreign workers brought to Sweden to work have in some cases been exploited, denied promised pay or benefits or forced to work under dangerous conditions.

"There have been cases in which the system has been abused, but for the most part the system has functioned properly", said Maria Ferm, migration spokesperson for the Green Party.

"Further measures are needed, but we won't be shutting the door," said conservative Moderate Tobias Billström, migration minister.

According to the new rules, which are to be implemented next year, the Migration Board will have improved access to to the records of other agencies. Employers who fail to supply information about workers conditions will risk monetary fines or even a jail sentence.

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