Laila Freivalds and Per Thöresson at the Foreign Ministry

Foreign Ministry Lacked Leadership

Sweden’s Foreign Ministry has handed in a report on their actions and handlings in the aftermath of the Asian tsunami disaster to an independent commission.

In the report, the Foreign Ministry says it lacked proper management as many of the ministry’s top staff remained at home during the holidays which led to confusion and not being able to cope with the problems properly.

The Foreign Ministry also says that many of the problems involved in the aftermath were also due to a lack of resources.

Sweden continues to top the list of foreigners confirmed dead or missing, with 113 confirmed deaths and 439 missing.

Swede’s Infected with Deadly Fungus

At least four Swedish tsunami survivors have been reported to be infected with a deadly fungus.

According to the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control people with the fungus, and who are not treated, risk a 50% to 80% chance of dying.

The Institute for Infectious Disease Control does say however that the fungus is not contagious.

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