"Filling up with green fuel should pay off," according to the government. Photo: SVT Bild
More ethanol in the tank

New greener fuel to be introduced by 2015

A new type of petrol, E10, will be introduced in Sweden before May 2015, Swedish Radio New reports. The fuel will contain 10 per cent ethanol and is a crucial step towards the government's goal to have all Sweden's cars run on fossil free fuel by 2030. The proposal is part of the government's budget, which will be presented in full in less than two weeks time.

"The government wants to make sure that buying a green car and filling up with green fuel pays off," says Energy Minister Anna Karin Hatt.

The plan is to force producers to mix in an annual average of seven per cent ethanol in the petrol. Not all cars can run on fuel with such a proportion of ethanol, so the current five per cent fuel will remain. But the new E10 should be available on all bigger petrol stations by May 2015. According to the government, all new cars should be ok with this fuel, Swedish Radio News reports.

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