Gothenburg's "mayor" and chair of the City council, Anneli Hulthén. Photo: Adam Samara/P4 SR Göteborg
Three incidents in a week

Crisis meeting in Gothenburg due to recent shootings

The city council in Gothenburg will hold a crisis meeting with police on Monday morning to discuss the recent shootings in the city.

"The many shootings is a completely deploreable and unacceoptable development in Gothenburg," the mayor Annelie Hultén of the Social Democrats tells Göteborgs-Posten.

She says she is in favour of stricter gun laws and punishment, and thinks there are an unacceptable amount of weapons circulating in Gothenburg.

Her Conservative colleague Jonas Ransgård is equally concerned. He tells Göteborgs-Posten: "It is not a coincidence that this happens after a summer when all activities for young people have been closed.´" Ransgård adds that it is important that young people in the risk zone get extra support to improve their school results and get a job over the summers.

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