Only a handfull of students have chosen not to return to Lundsberg just yet, according to TT. Photo: Ingvar Karmhed/Scanpix

Elite school Lundsberg prepares to re-open

Monday sees the re-opening of the elite boarding school Lundsberg and on Sunday afternoon, students, teachers and parents filled the school's assembly hall for a briefing from the head of the boarding house, Björn Söderman. "We have gone through practical issues, such as the fact that there is still an imminent threat of closure," Söderman told the news agency TT.

The school was forced to close a week ago after allegations that two pupils were burned with irons in notorious initiation rituals. This was the last in a long line of reports of bullying to the School's Inspectorate

But on Friday, the Administrative Court in Stockholm decided to allow the school to resume teaching, pending the verdict of a judicial process which will ultimately determine the future of the school. The court ruled that the Inspectorate's temporary - but immediate - closure of the school had an unnecessarily harsh impact on students and staff.

After the closure, all the members of the school's governing board, as well as its head teacher, resigned. The new board is expected to meet for the first time on Monday. The new chairman of the Board is Helena l'Estrade. She has herself never been at the school before, but has worked for 20 years in the state school system, and another 20 in the free school sector. She tells Swedish Radio News that it will take a lot of hard work to change to culture of the school. "What we at the board will have to do together with the management of the school, the parents association, students and student council, is to paint an enticing picture of what we want Lundsberg to be. What do we want others to say about Lundsberg?" she say.

Asked if it will be enough to tell the students something like that, she replies: "no, you have to live this dream every day. All the adults will have to go in the same direction. If you are going to change a behaviour you have to be on at the youngsters, on at the staff."

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