Shots were fired in broad daylight at Sommarvädersvägen, Hisingen, Gothenburg. Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall / SCANPIX
Gothenburg shootings

Calls for tougher sentences for violent crime

4:33 min

Following tit-for-tat shootings in Gothenburg's Biskopsgården district on Sunday, the city council has held a crisis meeting to discuss how to respond to rising gun crime in the city.

Two men were shot dead in the area on Wednesday and more shots were fired on Sunday afternoon, with at least two bullets entering nearby apartments.

“This is a terrible development. There are far too many guns in circulation,” Jonas Ransgård, leader of the city’s centre-right Moderate Party told Swedish Radio.

Ransgård and others on the city council are calling for longer prison sentences for violent crime, which they say would act as a deterrent. In the last year Sweden has seen an up-swing in gun related attacks with more than 40 shootings.

He said that more also needs to be done to prevent young men falling into criminality.

“There’s a clear link between unemployment and the risk of criminal behavior as well as a link to school dropout levels,” he said.

“Few of these criminals have had a good experience of school. We need to react and give support as soon as we see weak school results.”

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