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Norwegian elections “worrying”: Löfven

The leader of Sweden’s opposition Social Democrat Party Stefan Löfven has called the right wing victory in Norway’s elections “worrying”.

“It’s the Norwegian people who choose but with all respect it is worrying that such an extreme right wing party could enter government in Norway,” he told Swedish Radio News.

The centre-right Höyre party led by Erna Solberg is expected to include Norway’s right wing populist Fremskrittspartiet in a coalition government, which will replace the current centre-left alliance following an historic victory.

Swedish conservative Moderate Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt welcomes the result.

“I rang Erna Solberg and congratulated her on Höyre's fantastic election win,” he told the news agency TT.

“I’m particularly happy because Erna and I have worked together for many years and learned from the modernization of both our parties.”

Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven said he did not expect the Norwegian result to influence next year’s general election in Sweden as the election issues were different.

“People didn’t vote for new policies but for new politicians. Höyre chose not refer much to Swedish right wing policies regarding school privatization and so on.”

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