The walkbridge where the man was left dangling. Photo: Drago Prvulovic/Scanpix
kroksbäck Malmö

Many saw attack on man and toddler - few speak to police

Despite one hundred people witnessing the brutal attack of a man and his toddler in the Kroksbäck part of Malmö on Sunday, police still has not received any crucial tips as to who was behind the attack, Swedish Radio News reports.

There were some ten attackers, men as well as women. Police do not know what caused the attack, when the toddler was pushed over and the father nearly fell down from a walking bridge onto a road. The man was verbally abused for the colour of his skin, and police classify it as a hate crime.

Swedish Radio spoke to Musa, who lives in the area. He says the silence is due to fear. "Many know who were the perpetrators and they can give the police the exact address and number of the staircase. But the problem with people here is that they do not dare to testify," he said.

But Thomas Bull, head of the hate crime department at Skåne Police says that despite the silence, he thinks the crime will be solved. "I am optimistic that we will solve it, but we cannot do it ourselves, it comes down to moral courage," he says.

Meanwhile, police has decided to move the man and his family to a protected accommodation, as the man had told media that the people who attacked him lived in the area. "it is so the family can get some peace and quiet and feel safer," says police detective Thomas Bull.

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