Part of the new "Nordryggen", Photo: Lars Pehrson/ Scanpix.
at least in Norway

It's official: the "Nordryggen" mountain range

The hitherto nameless mountain range along the Swedish-Norwegian border has received a name. From now on it will be called “Nordryggen” or “Northern backbone”, at least by Norwegians.

The range stretches 1300 kilometers from Aster and Rogaland in the south to the province of Finnmark in the north, writes the Norwegian news agency NTB.

Norwegian geologist Henrik Svensen took the initiative in collecting around 5000 suggestions for names for the mountain range. There have been local names for parts of the range, but nothing for the entire chain.

Among the other proposals: the Troll Mountains and the Viking Mountains.

But geologist Karin Högdahl of Uppsala University tells Swedish Radio News she think the Swedish name for the chain “fjällen” (“the mountains”) will continue to be used in this country. “We already have a good name”, she says.

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