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60 percent believe healthcare has declined over the past 4 years

Most Swedes oppose profits for public services

A majority of Swedes are against companies making profits from public services, according to a Sifo poll conducted for the newspaper Göteborgs-Posten. In a separate survey, Swedes say healthcare and other public services have declined since the last elections.

In the Sifo poll, 58 percent of those asked agreed with the statement “profits shall not be allowed in tax-financed medical services, education and care”, while just 23 percent disagreed.

There have been a number of scandals and bankruptcies in recent years among private companies running schools and other public services.

The issue of whether private operators should be allowed to take profits from taxpayer-funded activities has become a political issue, with the center-right government parties generally in support, and many voices in the red-green opposition highly critical.

This comes as Swedes in another poll reject the government’s welfare policies. In the Novus survey, conducted for Swedish Television, 60 percent say they think healthcare and the social safety net have become worse since the 2010 elections. Fifty-seven percent think the schools are worse than they were three years ago.

Even supporters of the conservative Moderates, the party that has dominated government since 2006, don’t think things have gotten better.

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