Anni Hindochas familj (fr.v) Ami Denborg, Anish Hindocha, Vinod Hindocha och Nilam Hindocha på plats vid Westminster Magistrates Court i London. Foto: Scanpix / Scanpix
Members of Anni Hindocha's family at Westminster Magistrates Court in London

Victim's family tries to stop BBC documentary

Relatives of a murdered Swedish woman are appealing to the BBC to stop a documentary about her death. The BBC Panorama program plans to broadcast the documentary about 28 year old Anni Hindocha on Thursday.

The victim’s uncle, Ashok Hindocha, tells Swedish Radio’s P4 Skaraborg that the BBC is circumventing the legal process. He says the family thinks the fate of Anni Hindocha’s husband, accused of being behind her murder, should be determined in the courts and not in the media.

Anni Hindocha was on her honeymoon in South Africa in 2010 when she was kidnapped and killed. Her husband has been accused of hiring the killers.

According to reports, the BBC has had experts examine the evidence in the case, and they believe there are indications the husband, the son of a rich British businessman, may be innocent.

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