The orange-coloured roe is popular at Christmas, served here together with some pickles herring. Photo: FREDRIK PERSSON / SCANPIX

Something was fishy with her caviar

When local politician Ellinor Söderlund from Kalix in northern Sweden recently ate dinner at the exclusive Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, she was served a dish which featured a special whitefish roe known as "kalixlöjrum", named after her home town.

But when Ms. Söderlind, who is a councillor in the county of Kalix, asked the waitress to check the label to see if she had actually been served whitefish roe from Kalix, she learned that the "red gold" actually came from Bottenviken, the northernmost body of water between Sweden and Finland.

"I felt a little disappointed. If you come from Kalix, you want to know you're getting the real thing," she told local paper Norrbottens-Kuriren.

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