The murder site in Biskopsgården. Photo: Adam Ihse/Scanpix.

Several leads in Gothenburg double murder

Police have received several tips on the double murder of two young men in the Gothenburg suburb Biskopsgården two weeks ago. They say they now have a good idea of the sequence of events.

Police spokeswoman Carina Persson confirmed that there are connections between the double murder of the men, aged 17 and 28, and previous shootings in the Gothenburg area, but the details of the cases are still unclear.

"We are working on finding motives to see how it is all tied together," Persson said in a press statement.

Tuesday night's shooting in Biskopsgården could also be linked to the double murder and to the previous shootings.

Police are still knocking on doors in the neighbourhood and a forensic investigation at the scene of the double murder is ongoing. However, they say they are having a hard time getting witnesses to provide information that will hold up in court.

"Many talk to the police on site but few want or dare to participate as witnesses," police said in a statement.

Local residents have claimed that it took a long time for the police to arrive at the scene of the crime, but the police deny those claims.

"We were there a few minutes after the alarm came in," said Police spokeswoman Carina Persson.

It has been suggested that the spiralling violence in Gothenburg could be about shootouts between rivaling gangs from the Biskopsgården and Backa suburbs. But Thomas Fuxborg of the Gothenburg police disagrees with this notion.

"It would have been simple to be able to say that, but that is not exactly the case. There is a conflict between different criminal constellations but these constellations are diverse," Thomas Fuxborg told news agency TT.

There have been four shootings in Biskopsgården in a short period of time and the police see a connection between the incidents, including the shooting that took place on Tuesday evening.

"How it all ties together and who is on what side can vary from day to day," said Fuxborg.

"We have a good idea of which crowds are involved but the step from there to actually arresting a suspect is big," he added.

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