Maryam Moghaddam

Artists sign petition condemning Maryam Moghaddam's house arrest

Filmmakers, actors and other artists condemned the continued house arrest of Swedish-Iranian actress Maryam Moghaddam, who has had her Swedish passport confiscated. She has been prevented from leaving Iran since February, Swedish Radio News reports.

The appeal, published Friday by the film magazine FLM, includes such noteworthy backers as documentary filmmaker Nahid Persson Sarvestani, "Eat Sleep Die" director Gabriela Pichler, actor Stellan Skarsgård and FLM's editor-in-chef Jacob Lundström. The petition called for the Iranian government to reverse its stance on Moghaddam since she has committed no crime.

"Maryam Moghaddam is a Swedish citizen and we can never accept that a colleague is deprived of their freedom of speech and freedom of movement," their statement read. "We who sign this petition demand that the Iranian regime stops violating Maryam Moghaddams human rights.

Moghaddam traveled from Sweden to Iran to visit her mother only to have authorities confiscate her passport, allegedly because she had participated in the film movie "Closed Curtain," which was co-directed by Jafar Panahi. Panahi has also been under house arrest in Iran and is banned from making films for 20 years in the country.