US President George W. Bush waves while he poses for a picture in front of an Honor Guard at the Bratislava Castle, Slovakia

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European - US relations following President George W. Bush’s tour across Europe this week. 

Fancy owning your own castle?...You can in Slovakia... but there are some strings attached.

Plus, alook at some of the curiosities of the ”oldest profession” in Prague.


Mr Bush goes to Brussels

US President George W Bush was in Europe this week to promote transatlantic ties and was in many ways trying to bury the hatchet over the war in Iraq. Mr Bush attended a NATO summit and held bi-lateral talks with Russia, Belgium, France and Germany: the most vocal opponents to the war in Iraq. He also took part in an unprecedented EU-US meeting in Brussels where he called for the opening of a new chapter in transatlantic relations. A report from Radio France International.

Transatlantic détente?

Re-building bridges with European countries opposed to the Iraqi war was one of the main purposes of President Bush’s visit to Europe. But despite the handshakes and smiles, the President’s visit was met with large protests in Brussels and in Mainz. So what should Europeans who were opposed to the war in Iraq make of the 5 day Bush visit? A Swedish view from Radio Sweden.

Opening Doors: Own your own castle – in Slovakia!

Slovakia’s National Office of Monuments has established a list of some one hundred castles for sale. They’re properties the Slovakian government hasn’t had the money to maintain for the past half century and many of which are severely run down. Starting price for your very own piece of history? One Euro! 

Earthquake Warning Systems

Following the recent Asian tsunami disaster, the world has been examining early warning systems for the Indian Ocean. Meanwhile in Europe, Romania has one of the most effective early warning systems for earthquakes in the world. This is to cope with the threat of a highly active and very specific seismic area in the Vrancea Mountains. A report from Radio Romania‘s

Prague: The new “Amsterdam” of the East?

Prostitution in the Czech capital, Prague, has increased significantly in recent years, with many visitors attracted by its image as an ”Amsterdam of the East”. But prostitution is far from a new phenomenon in the city. A new exhibition at the Czech Police Museum is talking a closer look at “the oldest profession”. A report from Radio Prague                              

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