Train crash blamed on shoddy maintenance

After a derailed freight train caused commuter chaos the labour union says the problem must lie in lack of maintenance.

"Either there's something wrong with the infrastructure, or with the train," says Jörgen Lundström at transport union Seko.

Commuter and intercity trains cannot travel through Stockholm. Trains from the north turn back at Central Station and trains from the south turn at Älvsjö. Södra Station, in Stockholm's Södermalm, is currently closed, although road traffic can now pass by.

Denny Josefsson at the Traffic Administration says that it is very rare for a train to go off the tracks in a tunnel.

The Social Democrats want to spend SEK 686 million on railway maintenance in their budget proposal. "Even if it is too early to say what caused the accident, cuts and layoffs in the maintenance industry will harldy make the situation worse," says Anders Ygeman in the transport committee.