Surgeon welcomes "more active" patients who find medical information online

"You get a more active patient."
1:34 min

In Sweden, many people, especially the young, seek medical advice on the internet. Is this a problem for the traditional health service?

"In general, it's good that patients can get hold of information and become more active participants in their healthcare," Surgeon Olle Wihlborg tells Swedish Radio.

But he adds that it's also worrying that there is too much information on the internet.

"There's so much that patients find it hard to filter out what is relevant for them, says Olle Wihlborg, the head of medicine at Kronoborg's surgery unit.

And he says that, in any case, when a patient meets a doctor it doesn't really matter how much someone has found on the internet.

"You have to go properly through their situation in any case. You don't save any time. But you do get a more active patient."

Wihlborg also emphasises that it's the meeting between doctor and patient that is the most important aspect, and so people shouldn't focus too much on what their computer tells them.

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