Swede preaching Jihad in Syria

6:03 min

A video has emerged showing a Swedish man in his fifties talking about jihad in front of a group of children in a mosque outside the city of Aleppo in Syria.

In the video, the man discusses the virtues of dying for Allah and praises the Muslim Brotherhood, of which he is a member.

Swedish Radio News showed the video to Syrians living in Sweden and to legal experts. Some said it indicates that the man is recruiting children as soldiers.

However, journalist and Middle East expert Aron Lund had a different take. He is the author of a report on the Muslim Brotherhood and has seen the video.

"The Swedish man repeats the Muslim Brotherhood motto," said Lund, adding that there is no evidence in the video itself for the claim that the man is recruiting child soldiers.

"He is at a seminar in a mosque where there are both children and adults present. He is speaking to the crowd about the Muslim Brotherhood... Half-way into the 10-minute long video he repeats the Muslim Brotherhood motto, which includes a line about jihad, and he asks everyone in the mosque to repeat after him... It's like an election speech basically."

"I would bet you that he is more interested in the adults than the children," Lund added.