Leader of the Sweden Democrats, Jimmie Åkesson, says there are common points of interest with the National Front's Marine Le Pen. Photo: TT. Montage: Swedish Radio.

SD criticised for choice of EU partners

The Sweden Democrats are criticised by their sister party, the Danish People's Party, for cooperating with the French National Front ahead of next year's election to the EU parliament, Swedish Radio News reports.

The Sweden Democrats has decided to enter the group the European Alliance for Freedom, but Morten Messerschmidt, the Danish People's Party's leader in the EU parliament says: "I think it is unwise."

In addition to the National Front, the group also consists of Belgium's Vlaams Beland and Austrian Freedom Party.

"These are parties so far from the Danish People's Party that you can be when it comes to questions about Israel, Freedom and Democracy. And these parties have a lot of "dead wood" so we do not want anything to do with them," Messerschmidt tells Swedish Radio.

But the Sweden Democrats make a different choice. For many years the party tried to distance themselves from the National Front, among others after leading members expressed what could be interpreted as anti-semitic opinions, but now, the Sweden Democrats' international secretary, Kent Ekeroth, now says that with the change of party leader from Jean Marie le Pen to Marine le Pen, the party has changed its profile.

"In particular the fact that they have changed party leader. Marine Le Pen has taken many steps in the right direction and so you will have to re-evaluate such a party, which in many ways, in terms of criticising the EU and immigration, are close to us," Ekeroth tells Swedish Radio.

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