Milk ban sours lovers of Swedish cheesecake

3:17 min

A move to ban unpasteurized milk has left some Swedes in a sour mood as it threats their traditional dish of "ostkaka," Swedish cheesecake or curd cake.

Sweden's National Food Agency wants to ban the sale of unpasteurized milk to consumers, saying the drink can pose a health risk.

But fans of the Småland dessert are up in arms over the proposed rule change since a main ingredient in Swedish cheesecake is unpasteurized milk.

Per Åsling, a member of parliament for Sweden's Centre Party, argued against the ban in Thursday's editions of newspaper Svenska Dagbaldet.

"When handled properly, unpasteurized milk just as safe a product as chicken, eggs or berries," he wrote.

Swedish Radio News reports that a Facebook group started as an effort to save the dessert has received more than 5,600 "likes." Since 2004, "Ostkakas dag" or cheesecake day has been celebrated on November 14th in Sweden.