Laughs, Nazi salute disrupt play on the Holocaust

Middle school students in Kiruna disrupted a play about the Holocaust on Thursday by laughing at the actress and with one student shouting "Heil Hitler," Swedish Radio News reports.

Actress Bianca Meyer said members of the audience laughed when images from the Holocaust were shown, and one male student shouted the Nazi salute. She added that another student yelled something else about Meyer being raped.

She said it was especially troubling that teachers present at the show did nothing to stop the disruptions.

"I find it very uncomfortable that these attitudes and feelings are among these young people," Meyer, who is Jewish, told Swedish Radio in Norrbotten. "But at the same time it means that the work we do is important and needed."

The play "One way ticket," tells the story of a Jewish girl from Krakow traveling on a train, unaware of the fact that she's heading for the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz. Meyer said the play is partly inspired by her grandmother, who survived the horrors of Auschwitz.

A principal at another school in Överkalix, which is to be shown the play Friday, sent out a letter urging as many pupils to see the play and making sure teachers will be present among the children.