police registration of Roma

People in illegal database may get compensation

After the news that the secret database on Roma people kept by Skåne police is illegal, the approximately 4500 people in it can apply for compensation from the state, says the head of the Commission on Security and Integrity Protection, Sigurd Heuman.

"It is our job, after the request from individuals, to investigate whether personal data has been used in a legal way or not. If we find any kind of illegality we can hand over the case to the Chancellor of Justice, who will have to think about whether this should warrant compensation or not, Heuman tells the news agency TT.

The reason the database was found illegal is that a large number of people have been entered into the database without any recorded reason - and without being connected to any specific police investigation. Swedish Radio News reports that out of the approximately 4,700 people in the register, some 4,500 are still alive. Just over 1,300 of them are children.

According to Swedish Radio News the Office of the Chancellor of Justice has not tried a similar case before, but a comparison could be the young man who last year received 5,000 SEK in compensation after his name wrongly appeared on a list ahead of a remand hearing at Stockholm District Court.