Snowstorm reaches Sweden during the night

A class 2 weather warning has been issued for northern Sweden for the night between Saturday and Sunday. A storm combined with heavy snowfall is expected in the mountains in Jämtland and southern Lappland, moving west through the course of the night.

"We are mainly concerned about large power cuts which may cause trouble for people, but phone lines may also be affected. We urge people to stay indoors and not get out on the roads," Staffan Elder director at the regional authorities in Jämtland tells the local Swedish Radio station.

Winds of up to 25 metres per second are expected in the north of the Baltic Sea.

"In the mountains there will be heavy snowfall. The wind combined with the snow will probably mean that the visibility is non-existent, and there could be large problems with snowdrifts on the roads," Therese Fougman at the Swedish met office SMHI tells Swedish Radio News.

"And the mere strength of the wind can cause problems, things that are not attached, such as roof tiles may blow off," says Fougman.

The storm will be coming in from Iceland and Norway. As a precaution, the Norwegian energy giant Statoil evacuated 97 people from a oil platform northwest of Trøndelag on Saturday. Waves of up to 13-15 metres high are expected on the norwegian coast on Saturday evening. 57 roads was closed in Norway on Saturday due to the risk of landslides following the storm. The Norwegian met office has called the storm Hilde.

A class 2 warning from the Swedish met office SMHI means there is a risk of damage to bigger buildings, that trees will fall over and that there may be problems on the roads as well as with electricity and phone lines. The advice to people in the affected areas is to stay indoors and follow the weather forecasts. The winds are expected to calm down during Sunday.