Inspectorate chief expects more schools to fold

The general director of the Schools Inspectorate is sure that more free schools will go bust, just like JB Education this summer, which affected more than 10,000 pupils. "If we have independent schools we have a market, so there will be more bankruptcies in the future. Anything else is completely impossible," Ann-Marie Begler told Swedish Radio on Saturday.

"I am amazed,"  the Social Democrat's spokesperson on Education, Ibrahim Baylan, tells the news agency TT. "At the same time as the Schools Inspectorate carries out a very critical review of JB Education, they give it eight new permits to start new schools. It shows how completely preposterous this system is, it has to change."

Baylan does not think it makes sense that the Schools Inspectorate "completely on its own" makes decisions about new permits to run schools. Instead, Baylan wants a contract to be written between the owners of a new school and the local councils, before the school is started, in order to ensure there is sufficient demand for a new school in the area.

In August, the credit rating company UC presented statistics to show that many of the companies that are running the so called free schools at upper secondary school are in the red. Out of 129 companies reviewed, a quarter were making losses last year.