Average age of new mums expected to stay around 29

The age of first time mum's in Sweden has been going up for decades, but it is now levelling out, the news agency TT reports. According to Statistics Sweden, the average age of a first time mum forty years ago was 24. Today it is close to 29, which is only a few months older than it was ten years ago.

"We don't expect the average age to start going up again," Lotta Persson at Statistics Sweden tells TT.

That first time mums were getting older was particularly evident in the 1990s, when more women started university education and with that also delaying having children.

According to Lotta Persson the changing age of the first time mother has not had much effect in general. "People have still to a large extent had the number of children they want, it has not affected the first or the second child. There is a slight drop when it comes to a third child, which there may not be time for," says Persson.

Other things that may affect the age of first time mothers could be the efforts to speed up the time people spend at university, which could cause the age of first time mums to drop somewhat. But, says Persson, if there is economically hard times and there is a lot of unemployment, that may cause the age to go up again.

In the same period as above (1972-1912) the average age for a first-time dad has increased from approximately 26,5 to 31,5.