war crimes prosecution

Swedish national suspected of Kosovo massacre

Prosecutors in Serbia suspect a Swedish citizen of taking part in a massacre in Kosovo in 1999, the news agency TT reports. The man lives in central Sweden and is originally a Serb from Kosovo.

He is suspected of taking part in the killing of 41 civilian Kosovo Albanian men and boys in the village of Cuska.

Swedish as well as Serb police have heard the 35-year-old man in the past. In 2010 he was briefly arrested, but was released and dismissed from the Swedish investigation.

"He confirmed that he was in the village on that day and was part of the operation, but we could not verify complicity," Swedish war crimes investigator Sven-Åke Blombergsson tells TT.

The man was a reservist in the Serbian army. He has said that he did not know what was planned, and claims that he drove a truck away from the village before the killing started.

Now, the man's name has been mentioned as a formal suspect in an ongoing trial regarding massacres in several villages in Kosovo, TT reports. The Office for Public Prosecution for War Crimes in Belgrade confirms to TT that this is the case, but does not explain why his name is mentioned at this stage. However, the news agency cites "anonymous sources" that claim the indictment of the man is imminent.

Since the man is now a Swedish national, he can not be extradited to Serbia. An aquaintance of the man, a Kosovo Serb living in Sweden, was convicted for taking part in the massacre by a district court, but was cleared in the court of appeals.