Liberals to push for a third "daddy's month"

On the concluding day of the Liberl Party's convention, the members decided to push for a third so called "daddy's month", an additional month of the parental leave reserved for dads. The issue has not been prioritised in the past, as the liberal idea of individual's right to choose has meant such a proposal has been voted down in the past, Swedish Radio News reports. But at this, the last convention ahead of the election next year, the party has decided to emphasise gender equality in their programme.

"People who say gender equality is not an election issue and has nothing to do in politics don't know what they are talking about. We take an active interest in these injustices, but so do also the people we eventually will meet in an election campaign," says Maria Arnholm, liberal part member and minister for gender equality in the centre-right government.

But it is not completely uncontroversial in the party still. Mathias Sundin, party member from Östergötland is among the critics. "Sixteen percent think it is a good idea to have more quotas in the parental leave insurance than today. But what about parents to young children? Seven percent. More people than that believe in ghosts! Let the parents themselves decide," he said.

The Liberal Party was behind the introduction of the first so called "daddy's month" in the beginning of the 1990s. Today, a second month, out of the 16 months parental leave, is reserved for either the father - or the mother. The remaining 14 months of the parental leave, the parents themselves can decide how they should be divided.

Increasing the number of months that are not transferable to the other parent - so-called "daddy's months" is a way to encourage fathers to take more responsibility for the child care, and mothers to strengthen their position on the labour market.