Asylum process

Migration Board produces special dictionary

The migrations board has put together a dictionary in different languages to help their interpreters with words often used in asylum cases. It covers the authority's own terminology, but also words that has to do with sexuality, the news agency TT reports.

"Quite a few asylum cases are actually about sexuality in one way or the other," says project leader Elisabet Hilding Awla at the Migration Board.

Sexual orientation, honour based violence, gender identity, genital mutilation and trafficking for sexual purposes are subjects that frequently crop up in asylum investigations. But the subjects are often taboo and particularly sensitive in front of an unknown case worker. At times this leads to the use of vague words which in themselves hamper communication.

The "dictionary" contains about 100 words that are associated with sexuality. It currently exists in four languages and has been put together with the help of interpreters. The languages are English, and African version of English, Persian and Dari, which is spoken in Afghanistan.

Hilding Awla points out that these interviews often are very important in in the life of an asylum seeker. "Their reasons and stories must be rendered by skilful interpreters," she tells TT.