People who fled to Sweden share their stories

3:43 min

A radio documentary and a Twitter thread, encouraging people to tell their stories about how they fled from various parts of the world to make a new life in Sweden, has received a lot of attention here in the past week.

The documentary, made by Swedish Radio's Silan Diljen was broadcast yesterday, and describes how when she was four years old was led by her mother took through the barbed wire fences to escape the Kurdish part of Turkey. And then, thirty years on, she returns to the area with her mother and her own four-year-old daughter.

The Twitter thread - #minflykt (myescape) - has been filled with stories from people who have fled and now share their experiences with others.

"One of my first memories from Sweden: dad tells me that I no longer have to be afraid of the police," writes Sakine.

"I wave good-bye to my mum and dad from a refugee bus where there is no space for them. No one knows if we are going to meet again," writes Dejan Cokorilo, who was 13 when he left for Sweden.

And the stories continue.

Have you escaped to come to Sweden? How has it affected you? Swedish Radio P1 continue to collect stories and pictures until the 20th of November.