2014 National Elections

Liberals to focus on education, equality and jobs

The Liberal Party wrapped up its convention Sunday evening by re-electing party leader Jan Björklund and voting on a new party platform, Swedish Radio News reports. The party will focus heavily on education, equality and jobs as it campaigns for the upcoming 2014 national elections.

Björklund, who is also Sweden's Education Minister, said the hot-botton issue of education reform is one that the party can naturally handle.

"It is a great advantage that what the Swedish people consider to be the most important question in the election is associated with our party," he told Swedish Radio. "However, we must of course take on other issues."

Education policy is one of the Liberal Party's high-profile issues and, at the convention, members voted through a measure that would have students graded earlier, starting from the fourth grade.

Björklund said the Liberal Party will call for greater equality in the workplace and in society in general.

The party wants to introduce a clause on consent for laws on sexual crimes and add a third so-called "daddy month" reserved for fathers to Sweden's paid parental leave. When it comes to jobs, the Liberals wants to see more apprenticeships to help reduce youth unemployment.