Sexual harassment inquiry dropped against Axén

Prosecutors have dropped their investigation into sexual harassment claims against prominent Moderate Party MP Gunnar Axén, Swedish Radio News reports.

In a statement released Monday, the prosecutor's office said there was not enough evidence to continue their inquiry into whether or not Axén sexually harassed a female teenage member of the party's youth wing in October.

"For the investigative material that we have now, you can not prove that Gunnar Axén is guilty of an offense," Mats Ericsson, chief prosecutor at the Swedish National Police-related Crimes Unit, said in the release.

Ericsson said there are two conflicting versions of what happened and that the case lacks supporting evidence. He declined to go into details about the case because "it involves the private matters of two people" and that it would remain confidential.

Axén has served in parliament since 1998 and took a break from his duties when it was first announced he was suspected of sexual harassment. According to a notice from Anna Kinberg Batra, the party's leader in parliament, Axén will now return to parliament.