Online phishing scams on the rise in Sweden

Internet scams known as phishing attacks are on the rise in Sweden, Swedish Radio News reports.

In Stockholm alone, police field between 10 and 15 reports of internet scams daily. Across the country, complaints increased from about 10,000 in 2008 to more than 21,000 last year.

Phishing scams are when fraudsters lure people through fake emails or websites into divulging their bank's details, such as account numbers, user names or passwords. Scammers send emails giving the impression that they represent a bank or another company and are looking to access account information.

Police tell Swedish Radio the scam is simple and can generate a lot of money. It's also difficult to catch and punish the fraudsters, said police officer Jan Olsson.

Dick Malmlund, a founding member of the security firm Varningsinfo and former security chief at the Swedish Trade Federation, said he thinks everyone should make a habit of never clicking on links in emails.

"We Swedes are so dutiful and naive, we respond and connect with everything without thinking about it," he said. "When people have a missed call, for example, many times people just hit redial."