Crocodile Kaj gets new home in England

"Kaj" the crocodile has found a new home. There had been fears that the two-metre long Nile crocodile, which was discovered in a greenhouse by accident during a police raid on a house in Malmö in September, would have to be put to sleep. However, a new home has been found in England. In February, "Kaj" will move to the animal park, The Crocodiles of the World Foundation, outside Oxford.

"There has been many people who have been involved in trying to find a new home for Kaj. Private persons have contacted us, we ourselves have rung round animal parks in Europe. Everyone has said no. But now we have received an answer from England which says that they will gladly take Kaj," Linda Pleym, of Malmö police told Swedish Radio News.

It's believed that the crocodile had been kept in the greenhouse for ten years. Police raided the house after a tip that the homeowner was receiving stolen goods. A dead crocodile was found in the freezer.

Nile croodiles are on the CITES list, as endangered, and it is forbidden to buy or sell them.