Nine students prosecuted for abuse at Lundsberg

Nine students and one employee of Lundsberg boarding school are to be prosecuted for their involvement in an incident at the elite school in which four young boys were threatened with a hot iron.

In a statement, the prosecutor's office wrote that nine students are to be prosecuted for unlawful threat, alternatively harassment because they scared four pupils into believing that they would be burnt with irons. Two of them were also charged with causing bodily harm, when they unintentionally burned a student with the still-warm iron.

Vice chief prosecutor Niclas Wargren said the accused did not intend to burn anyone, just intimidate them. All nine defendants were inside the room of a new student when they turned off the lights and told the four boys to lie down on the floor with their eyes covered.

The four victims could the iron and its cord plugged in the wall, and the defendants said that the boys would be "burned or branded."

"In my opinion, the threats were such that the plaintiffs could be expected to seriously fear for their personal safety. In any case they have through reckless behaviour molested/harrassed the younger boys, all of whom were new to the school," Wargren said in a news release.

A 47-year-old house-steward was also charged for assisting in the alleged unlawful threat and harassment after he gave the students permission to scare the youngsters with an iron.

"Because of his position, I think he has had an opportunity to act. Had he said no, this would not have occurred," Wargren told newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

After the Aug. 24 incident, the school conducted its own investigation and wrote that they took the news of harassment very seriously and had a zero-tolerance policy toward such behavior.

Sweden's oldest boarding school, Lundsberg was shuttered after news of the mistreatment was made public. It was later allowed to reopen.