At the start of another sunny day in 2013. Photo: Anette
SMHI summary

2013 unusually sunny and warm - with big storms

2013 was sunnier or much sunnier in most parts of the country, according to a summary from the met office SMHI. Karlstad and Norrköping even had a record number of sunny days in a row.

The year was also generally warmer than usual, but the first three months were actually pretty chilly, so 2013 will not go down as a record year in terms of temperature.

The highest temperature was 31,1 degrees Celsius, which was measured in Barkåkra in Skåne on August the 3rd. The lowest temperature was measured in Nikkaloukta on the 9th of December, when it was - 40,8 degrees Celsius.

And though we may remember the consecutive storms in the autumn, the period before the end of October actually was the longest period ever measured, when there has not been a storm. 594 days before then are noted as "storm-free".

After that the storms Simone, Hilde, Ivar and Sven all made an impact in different parts of the country. The storm Ivar in the middle of December was the one to fell most trees, between 4,5 and 6,5 million cubic metres. The storm Hilde, in the middle of November, however, was the storm to reach the highest wind speed. The average speed of 47 metres per second, measured in Stekenjokk in southern Lapland mountains, is a new Swedish record.

All that from the Swedish Met Office's summary of the year.

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