Swedish criminologist, novelist, TV show host and Leif GW Persson. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

Fox wins rights to GW Persson crime novels

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Fox, the US broadcasting company, will produce a 13-episode TV series based on the books of Swedish crime novelist Leif GW Persson. Fox closed the deal Wednesday night, having fought off competition from several other American TV companies, tabloid Expressen reported.

"I'm as happy as a fiddler," GW Persson told Expressen.

In the TV version, the setting of the story has moved from Sweden to Portland in the US and the main character, policeman Evert Bäckström, has been renamed Everett Backstrom. The Office star Rainn Wilson will play the leading part.

GW Persson did not want to reveal what he will earn from the deal.  "I'm not allowed to say. It's top secret. But we're talking big sums of course," he said. He is a well-known criminologist and crime writer in Sweden, and is currently being used as an expert on Swedish Television SVT's "Veckans Brott" crime show.

Speaking about the character himself, Persson told Radio Sweden Bäckström is an "unpleasant character, he has all the prejudices there are", adding that "every police precinct or police station has it's own Bäckström".

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