Rapper Timbuktu also gave a high-rpofile speech on racism at the Swedish parliament late last year. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

No investigation into Åkesson rap "threat"

The Chancellor of Justice (JK) will not be investigating a rap song that included lyrics on "beating yellow and blue" the leader of the right-wing populist Sweden Democrat Party.

At the end of last year the song, "Svarta duvor och vissna liljor" was part of a wider debate on immigration and racism. Due to the lyrics aimed at the Sweden Democrat Party Swedish public radio, which Radio Sweden is a part of, decided that it would only play the song when the presenter could comment on the wider context of the lyrics.

Now the Chancellor of Justice says the song "seen in context" is not a criminal threat, nor does it constitute speech "with the aim of causing serious fear."

It was the artists behind the song, Timbuktu and Sebbe Staxx, who had been reported. This report also complained that the tune was available on the streaming website SVT Play, but the Chancellor decided that the tune could be heard on several media outlets, and that this did not affect her judgement.

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