Mats Selander is ready to see his party knock out the current government. Photo: Private.

New Christian party will oppose abortion

A new Christian party has been founded in Sweden, by people who say the Christian Democrat Party has become "too liberal" and abandoned its opposition to abortion.

One of the founders, Mats Selander, says to Swedish Radio that he and others have been "politically homeless" in the past years, and says that the Christian Democrats have lost touch with their roots.

The new "Christian Values Party" may play a significant role in Swedish politics. The Christian Democrats are a part of the centre-right Alliance government, which is already in a minority in the parliament. And since the Christian Democrats are perilously close to the 4 percent threshold to stay in parliament, if a new party stole even a fraction of their vote it could change the entire political map of Sweden.

Party founder Mats Selander says that: "if we get 0.1 percent and the Christian Democrats 3.9 percent the Alliance will see that if you ignore abortion you can crash out."

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