One of the dead cows washed ashore in southern Denmark. Photo: Niels Hougaard/TT

Police: Dead cows dumped from Lebanese ship

Danish police are certain that two dead cows that washed ashore on the southern coast of Denmark on Friday were dumped from a Lebanese ship.

Since New Year's, a total of five dead cows have been found along the Danish coast and eight to nine dead cows have been found along the shores of southern Sweden

"We know for certain that a Lebanese ship has sailed with cows from the USA to Klaipeda in Lithuania. Several of the cows got sick during the journey and if animals get sick at sea you have the right to throw them overboard, but not in the Kiel Canal or in the Baltic Sea," Ehm Christensen of the Danish police told Swedish Television.

Swedish prosecutor Ingvard Wennersten is investigating the eight, possibly nine, dead cows found in southern Sweden. An autopsy of three of the cows showed that at least two were killed with a bolt pistol.

The investigators have received several tip-offs, but Wennersten did not want to reveal detailed information.

"It's obvious in my view that they were thrown overboard from a ship," Wennersten told news agency TT, adding that there are solid ways of tracking ships and controlling their cargo.

Wennersten said he thinks most of the dumped cows have already washed ashore.

"This happened around New Year. They should have reached land by now. I don't think will see more than maybe one or two more washing ashore," he said.

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