Snowy road conditions. Photo: Gunilla Nordström/ Swedish Radio

Authorities warn of tough road conditions

The Swedish Transport Administration is warning drivers of dangerous and icy road conditions in parts of Sweden over the weekend.

On Saturday, Stockholm began digging out from its first real snowfall of the season and Roger Falk, a spokesman for the transportation administration is urging drivers to reduce their speed.

"It's been a mild winter in many parts of Sweden so far, but now the snow and the cold have struck in large parts of the country," Falk said.

The transport administration has warned of slippery road conditions from central Norrland (northern Sweden) down to northeastern Götaland (southern Sweden). Authorities are also urging drivers to watch out for frost and ice along the border between Svealand (central Sweden) and Götaland.

"Most dangerous is the black ice, which is difficult to see and might just look like a harmless dark stripe down the road, but it is quite dangerous," said Falk.

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