Tests were made in local lakes to find the source of the parasite. Archive photo:Anders Wiklund/Scanpix

Local council faces legal action after bug outbreak

Östersund local council is facing legal action local court Tuesday, after an outbreak of a stomach bug in the local water supply several years ago.

Up to 25,000 local residents got the stomach bug cryptosporidium from tap water in the town three years ago.

Prosecutors claim the local council allowed polluted water from a local lake get into the water supply by not building enough protective barriers, and not making important investments which could have prevented the outbreak of the parasites.

The director of Östersund council, Bengt Marsh, says the prosecution is "completely wrong", he told Swedish Radio News: "It's ridiculous that local taxpayers in Östersund should not only be ill, but also have to pay to the state because the local council should have been responsible for something we couldn't be responsible for, because we didn't know about it, just like all other local authorities."

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