A demonstration in western Sweden against the police database. File photo: Caroline Widenheim, P4 Sjuhärad

Chancellor of Justice drops investigation into Roma database leak

The Chancellor of Justice has decided to drop the investigation into the leak that led to the publication of news reports about Skåne police's secret database which contained names of thousands of Roma in Sweden, despite a large number of them not being suspected of any crime.

Newspaper Dagens Nyheter broke the story, but the Chancellor says that no individuals were harmed by the leak, so no further action has to be taken, Swedish Radio News reports. The Chancellor Anna Skarhed does add that the information was probably leaked illegally, however.

She adds though that it was good that the information got out: "Whoever has passed this information on to journalists has acted as a whistle-blower and it was important that this information came out."

"As for the people that were included in the database, for them I think it was good that the details got out so that things could be sorted out, so that a register with erroneous information no longer exists, because it wasn't drawn up the way the law demands", she told Swedish Radio News.

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