The services complement the Arbetsförmedling employment service that is open to all. Photo: Bertil ericson/TT

Thousands of workers found new jobs

Tens of thousands of laid-off workers found new jobs in 2013, but many have got short-term contracts, especially women.

White-collar workers covered by collective bargaining agreements often get extra help to find a new job. The unions and employers have set up services parallel to the state-run Employment Service. And these services had a record year in 2013. The TRR service says 88 percent of the 15,000 people they helped got new jobs, while the TSL service says 79 percent of its 24,000 were helped to find new work.

But Swedish Radio News reports that women, who more often work in the public sector, tend to be offered short-term contracts.

The head of TSL says that, as well as more short-term contracts in general, more people are getting hired by their old employer. He says this shows that many companies are unsure about what the future will bring.

The TSL and TRR services also say fewer people were laid off in 2013 than they had feared. The head of TRR says the recruitment process is getting shorter, and this points to increasing optimism among employers.

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